Divorce is a challenging journey that one embarks upon, often due to numerous issues in a marriage. Calgary, Alberta, a city known for its family-oriented culture, is not immune to the rising divorce rates that are becoming a universal phenomenon. This article will explore the top 10 reasons why individuals decide to get a divorce in Calgary, Alberta.

  1. Infidelity / Adultery: In Alberta infidelity is one of the most cited reasons for divorce not just in Calgary, but worldwide. The act of betrayal can lead to emotional turmoil, trust issues, and irreparable damage to the relationship. With the advent of technology and social media, the avenues for infidelity have increased, thereby raising the instances of marital discord and eventual separation.
  2. Financial Stress: Money matters are often a significant source of conflict within a marriage. Whether it’s due to differing spending habits, income inequality, hidden debts, or financial strain due to economic conditions, such issues often drive couples towards divorce.
  3. Incompatibility: Over time, couples may realize they have grown apart, evolving into individuals with different life goals, interests, or values. This divergence can lead to frequent disagreements, a lack of shared activities, and a general feeling of incompatibility, often prompting a separation.
  4. Addiction: Addiction, whether it’s to substances, gambling, or other destructive behaviors, can cause significant strain on a marriage. It often leads to financial issues, emotional instability, and potential legal problems, prompting the non-addicted spouse to seek a divorce for their well-being and sometimes for the sake of children involved.
  5. Lack of Communication: Effective communication is crucial in any relationship, especially in a marriage. The lack of it often leads to misunderstandings, resentment, and emotional disconnect. If this issue persists and cannot be resolved, it can push couples towards divorce.
  6. Physical or Emotional Abuse: Unfortunately, instances of physical or emotional abuse are common causes of divorce. The victim often musters the courage to escape this toxic and damaging environment, prioritizing their safety and mental health by seeking a divorce.
  7. Lack of Intimacy: Emotional or physical distance between couples can drive a wedge in a marriage. Over time, the lack of intimacy and affection can make the relationship feel empty and unfulfilling, leading to a desire for separation.
  8. Constant Arguing: Continuous bickering and arguing over trivial matters can take a toll on a relationship. If the couples are unable to resolve their disputes amicably or seek help through counselling, they might consider divorce as the only way out of a seemingly toxic environment.
  9. Change in Personal or Career Goals: Life is dynamic, and so are personal and career goals. If a partner feels their goals are not compatible with their spouse’s, it can lead to tension and dissatisfaction within the marriage, potentially leading to divorce.
  10. Parenting Conflicts: Disagreements over child-rearing practices can cause significant discord within a marriage. Whether it’s about disciplinary measures, educational choices, or lifestyle, conflicting parenting styles can drive a wedge between spouses, leading to divorce.

Deciding to get a divorce is an emotionally taxing decision. However, in many instances, it becomes necessary for personal growth, peace, and betterment. In Calgary, Alberta, there are numerous support groups, counsellors, and legal professionals available to help navigate this complex process and ensure all parties involved can move forward in a healthy and respectful manner.

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