The condominium market is a significant part of Calgary’s vibrant real estate scene. To protect the rights of condo owners, developers, and boards, and ensure smooth operation of condominium corporations, the Alberta government has enacted a specific legislation called the Condominium Property Act. This article will delve into the key aspects of this Act, highlighting its implications for Calgary’s real estate sector.

Understanding the Condominium Property Act

The Condominium Property Act of Alberta provides a legal framework for the creation, sale, and governance of condominium properties. It outlines the rights and responsibilities of condo owners, the developers, and the condominium corporation, which is essentially the governing body for the condo community.

One of the Act’s primary objectives is to ensure transparent and efficient operation of condominium corporations, thereby enhancing the appeal of condominium ownership. This is achieved through provisions that govern aspects like management of common property, resolution of disputes, insurance requirements, and more.

Key Provisions of the Act

Creation of Condominium Plans

The Act details the process of converting a property into a condominium, including creating a condominium plan that defines individual units and common property. This plan is essential for defining ownership and for the operation of the condominium corporation.

Condominium Corporation

Each condominium under the Act is governed by a Condominium Corporation, comprised of unit owners. The corporation is responsible for managing and maintaining the common property, setting and collecting condo fees, and ensuring insurance coverage. The Act stipulates the rules for electing the corporation’s board and making decisions that impact the condominium community.

Rights and Responsibilities of Owners

Under the Act, condo owners own their individual unit and share ownership of common property. Owners have the right to vote on matters related to the condominium corporation, depending on their unit factors (basically their proportionate ownership in the condominium). They are responsible for paying condo fees and following the corporation’s bylaws.

Insurance Requirements

The Act has specific provisions for insurance coverage. The condominium corporation must insure common property and individual units (excluding improvements) for replacement cost against perils like fire and flooding. Owners are responsible for insuring personal property and any improvements made to their units.

Implications for Real Estate in Calgary

The Condominium Property Act has significant implications for Calgary’s real estate market.

Promotes Confidence in Condominium Ownership

By outlining clear rules for the operation of condominium corporations and the rights and responsibilities of owners, the Act can boost confidence in condo ownership, potentially encouraging more buyers to consider this housing option.

Impacts Real Estate Development

For real estate developers, the Act provides a clear roadmap for creating condominiums. By ensuring developers understand the regulations in place, the Act could influence development trends and the overall housing mix in Calgary.

Enhances Dispute Resolution

The Act establishes mechanisms for resolving disputes within condominium corporations, which could lead to better-managed condominium communities and enhance their attractiveness to potential buyers.

Shapes Real Estate Transactions

Understanding the Act is crucial for real estate transactions involving condominiums. Realtors need to be aware of its provisions to advise clients accurately, and buyers need this knowledge to make informed decisions.


The Condominium Property Act plays a critical role in shaping Calgary’s condominium market. By providing a comprehensive legal framework for condominium ownership and governance, it ensures the stability and attractiveness of this key segment of Calgary’s real estate sector. For condo owners, developers, and real estate professionals alike, understanding the Act is crucial for navigating the condominium landscape successfully and confidently.

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